El maestro YohoY made his own puppett from crochet, the Himalayas story is a fairy tale. But not because of that it looses its magic, making it is an important process of learning, only even if you just considering the patience envolved doing it. And then there is the possibilty of, from a place of calmness Make your YohoY puppet, choosing the colours you like and giving it life with your own personality. Indications to follow:

1.- Made of Crochet (magic ring).

2.- Its worn on the head.

3.- Represents a blemmyae, a headless creature.

  Mr. Potato Head could be used as inspiration with its interchangeble eyes, nose, hair, hat, etc. Once you´ve finished it you can record your own personal story of growth and learning or if you prefer you can narrate an old wisdom story of your preference. El maestro YohoY will post it in his youtube channel. Were you will also find some tutorials and tips on doing the puppett.

Create your own puppet
  The challenge