You´ve come to a place were you might find youself. Are you sure you want to come in? If that is so and you doubt no more, here you will find a way to be, just that. Open your heart and step in, you may come along with something beautiful.


There is no one method as is, instead is, that ease.

El maestro YohoY has discobered that human beings have been meditating standing up since the beggining of times. Like a natural mechanism of self defense from the many predators. this is confirmed by the many ancient figures a Nubian man once showed him. Its scientifically proven that horses rest standing up, for the same reason. We should practice this ancestral knowledge to find the equilibrium we all need indeed.

(Remember to read the small lettering each time you start something new and ask a qualified team of doctors. Do it smoothly and don´t hurry. Step by step, with ease.)

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yo Soy YohoY

Bringing our intention down to our center.

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Tree Meditation

Weight down
inner smile

Imagine a ballon full

of water.

Light head
suspended from the cosmos
Sink chest.
Soft stomach,
naturaly swolen.
Wait down.
We root ourselves.
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yo Soy

A  thread sustains as from a remote  galaxy at the end of the universe.

Inner smile

Chin slightly in,
so our  cervicals straighten.
Sunk chest.
Soft knees,
Shoulders relaxed.
Straight back, relaxed.
Natural position.
Seat on your hips.


        root yourself and breath
The roly-poly toy whenever its moved, it comes back to its original position in just a moment.
The tin toy bird, peaks and peaks, It always has its weight on its head. and if its wind up, it peaks and peaks forever.

      The vision from the heart



That is how Santa Teresa de Jesús called the chit-chat in the head. With this catchy phrase, she reminds us that we should accept with resignation its insistent presence, but without the necessity to give it too much attention. With prayer or meditation we come attentively closer to Silence. When we find our center, that place of peace, we can start opening our hearts. First we open ourselves to our  inner child whom we imbrace with compassion. Then we look up with the eyes of the heart and we contemplate with love and kindness at everything around us. And thats how we see all of the inner childs in each and everyone of us.
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yo Soy


The numerous family of YohoY, the blemmyaes or headless men, are mithological creatures that appear in all cultures and have been among us since thousands of years ago. El maestro YohoY beleives that they are real people that have forgotten the mad woman  of the house and are able to look at their surroundings from the heart. And they breathe with their belly, our primordial way of breathing.

"When you lose your head,

you find your heart".

Douglas Harding