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The Meninas of Thebes

Primer Plano infantas Luz de Tabor.jpg

Welcome to this surprising walk through the Prado Museum to discover the great heart of the Infanta Margarita and her Meninas de Tebas. Upon entering, leave your backpack full of stones, personal burdens and conditions in the cloakroom. And don't worry, at the exit all that you think is you, will wait for you in the same place.


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I am Yoho

A cute crocheted puppet, a blemish, a well-known mythological headless being, who looks with his heart and breathes from his gut.

YohoY 02.jpg

I know that my head is driven by threads of thoughts that come out of nowhere and I achieve inner peace at every moment, breathing with my whole body, merging my head with my heart, looking with loving skill.

Los tres Centros.jpg

The history

tres centros egipto.png

In Ancient Egypt the hieroglyphs already told us about these 3 centers.

Cruz francesa s.XII Met.png

In Christianity it is reinforced by making the symbol of the Cross


It is also the basis ofinner alchemyof Taoism.

Aborigen Australiano.png

The Australian aborigines consider the brain of the head, the least important of the three brains, they call it Nandu-Karu, which means: "totally entangled fisherman's net". e impossible to unravel". In Buddhism the mind is compared to a pack of drunken monkeys, all screaming at the same time, being the one of fear the one that screams the most.

Monos fumadores y bebedores Terniers.jpg

Smoking and drinking monkeys, TENIERS, DAVID

Oil on board. Around 1660

Museum from the meadow

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