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"Why not? I inhale and I let go and in any given moment, I will let you know.

I inhale and I let go, 1.

I inhale and I let go, 2.

I inhale and I let go, 3.

Lets see if you´re able to count to 10 and I will tell you a story which will count in your heart".

"Pues sí, cojo aire y lo suelto y en cualquier momento te lo cuento.


Inhalamos y soltamos 1

Inhalamos y soltamos 2

Inhalamos y soltamos 3

Un cuento que tiene que ver con un cuenco,  y va a resonar en lo más profundo de tu Ser, escucha bien, SER SIN CABEZA".

  yo Soy
Yo hoY

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The Key to Happyness


  the story


YohoY is an ancient puppet made out of pashmina and its from Kashmir, India. El maestro YohoY found it (thats the reason for his name) in a cave in the Himalayas, were he ended up  looking for shelter after getting lost in a blizzard. He had to remain there for a week with the storytelling puppet. This is the incredible journey in which el maestro YohoY discovered, appart from some other amazing stuff, that he also didn´t have a head like the puppet, but instead he had three.



















The australian aborigines call our brain in the head, Nandu-Karu which means a tangled up fishing net. They consider it such a mess, that its is impossible to untangle. For them the most important brain is the one of the stomach and the second most important the heart.

yo Soy

Yo hoY

When you feel butterflies in your stomach, listen to them.

Stimulae Microbiota

yo Soy Yo hoY

yo Soy Yo hoY






Today I smile:)


be present

create your life

be a present

YohoY is a headless being.

From its round navel breaths tranquil and profound.

And with its beloved heart

contemplates all with love.

Very old the puppet is and

with crochet its done.

Its got a nice mark-up

stiching is like meditating

something happens in the mind.


The brain in total calm

concentrated on the seam,

toughts there they are,

some come and others go,

but with no lethal attach.


Proof your patience, you

can start with a button.

It takes time for a change,

you will have a reward

its like climbing a range.


For this reasons and more,

getting together to sew

it will be done, here and

there one stitch at a time

I will also do mine.


The rest of the team.

Captura de pantalla 2017-10-26 a las 17.

El maestro YohoY

Lets be artisans,

lets do healthy art.

Lets use our hands,

lets use our legs,

lets use our heads

Everything at once!

Concentrated in

our creativity

the world is.

Lets beleive in this,

we can do from within

a beautiful place to be.

Paint Brush
Captura de pantalla 2017-11-17 a las 12.

El personal Trainer

Mens sana in corpore sano

some wise greeks said.

Train your peace of mind

and dale a tu cuerpo alegría.

Macarena, thing that goes

through the body, thing that

goes through the head.

Your emotions,

your feelings,

your food,

your being.


Made for Art´s sake, with lots love.